Monday, September 21, 2009

Knowledge Needed For Nursing Programs

Entering into a nursing program can be both exciting and a bit daunting. Becoming proficient in any field takes time and diligence. Nursing is not exception. Nursing however, requires a thorough knowledge of many different skills which include a firm grasp of science, math and the ability to read, write and follow instructions accurately. Gaining these skills takes time, lots of study and persistence but it is doable and required for becoming a quality nurse.

If you plan on becoming a nurse whether an RN or LPN, it is necessary to be familiar with science specifically biology and anatomy and physiology. Understanding basic biology and how organisms function is vital and the base for many other biology courses. It is required in nursing programs as pre-requisite that students take biology and pass the course adequately. Likewise, anatomy and physiology is also required by nursing programs prior to clinical admission. Anatomy and physiology thoroughly covers the different systems of the body, how they work together and their functions. It is detrimental that nursing students take these science based classes and complete them satisfactorily prior to entry into the clinical portion of a nursing program.

In addition to science, math is also important in being successful as a nurse. The ability to precisely measure liquids, compounds and other substances is important. All nursing programs have some form of pharmacology dosage course that involves solving increasing difficult dosage mathematical problems. It is imperative that nursing students have a firm grasp of medical math and get the necessary tutoring if there are issues understanding the calculations. The ability to administer a dosage of medicine accurately is extremely important as a nurse and in many nursing programs it is mandatory that students pass the dosage course with at least a C grade before progressing to clinicals. Thus having a firm grasp of math is essential for succeeding in a nursing program.

Finally, the ability to read, write and accurately follow directions is important in excelling in a nursing program. Nursing does require the ability to accurately describe a patient's condition as thoroughly as possible in a patient's chart so that other medical professionals are aware of the patient's condition. The inability to be thorough and follow instructions can have a negative impact on a patient. Comprehensive reading and writing skills and accuracy are all necessary for successful completion of a nursing program.

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